About GoOpti B.V.

We are an award winning startup in a growth mode. Our innovative shared and private airport transfers have been greeted with enthusiasm by passengers in 5 different countries. Our expansion is far from finished and new routes, products and markets are already in the works.

We want transportation to become carefree for everyone!

Growth is not easy, it brings along plenty of challenges and deadlines. Our international team has tasks coming in from all directions; changing, adapting, testing and improving are a way of life for us. We're getting better at organizing and managing all departments, but more than stability and structure, we can offer great many challenges to solve, opportunities to learn, countries to get to know to and careers to skyrocket.

We are on fire. Those that can't stand the heat, need not apply. Everyone else, join the ride. We may not know our exact destination, but by now we know: it's going to be great there!

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